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Social Commerce

Technically, social commerce is a part of electronic commerce. It involves using social media that indulges in social interaction and user contributions, to help in the buying and selling of products and services online. The process includes a set of online collaborative shopping tools, pick lists, user ratings and other user-generated content-sharing of online product information. The concept of social commerce effectively works when a user generated advertisement on various e-commerce sites induces the shoppers to read reviews and find goods and services online and ultimately purchase them. In a way, it increases the customer's trust in one retailer over several others. Thus, social commerce is an concoction of 'social media' and 'e-commerce'.

And here is how our Social Commerce Application comes handy. Our social shopping tools use tools to stimulate shopping decisions among various buyers. Tools include News Feeds and Deal Feeds. These help in sharing and spreading news about deals from brands shoppers like. They can even follow, share and spread social media news various portals like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Pick Lists and Social Network Storefronts allow keen shoppers in sharing and discussing their shopping experiences with like-minded people, and so a retail chain of buying and selling is oiled successfully.