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Social Commerce Technology

Social Commerce Definition

Any electronic or digital activity done by the user in context for the users and with the content of the users is shared among the communities towards the fulfilment of user’s lifestyle requirement through any commercial activities and which creates conversation among user’s connection during pre-purchase and post purchase activities to gain social trust and explore best option available to choose from electronic/digital platform.

We are aware about the fact that the trend of business field as well as the general market is shifting more and more towards online transactions. People are gradually leaving the general run of life from here and there and shifting more and more towards the internet. This situation clearly suggests that the future of the business and general market will move towards online business. In such a situation, a B2B social commerce web portal will serve as a perfect platform to provide solution to all the commercial needs of the people. People will be able to meet all their requirements of products, services and ideas by using the comprehensive B2B social commerce web portal such as