Marine Engine & Diesel Generator

Quick Overview

We make cylinder liner with the bore size upto 400mm from centrifugal castings. All special compositions are maintained to ensure wear resistant properties at the same time enhancing lubrication. We design and fabricate a wide range of cylinder liners that come with different sizes and dimensions. And for heavy cylinder liners we maintain the following chemical composition:-

— Carbon::2.80-3.50%
— Silicon::1.70-2.30 %
— Manganese::0.60-0.90 %
— Chromium::0.20-0.50 %
— Copper:: 0.20-0.50 %
— Sulphur::0.15 Max. %
— Phosphorus::0.15 Max. %
— Molybdenum::0.20-0.50 %
— Nickel::0.08-0.25 %

Hardness is maintained during various kinds of casting process, ranging from 220 to 280 BHN. Annealing stress is relieved after rough machining. We can provide chrome plating, phosphating, nitriding/chrome plating as per the client's specifications.

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