Pricing makes the quickest payments in this industry. As per your performance rank, you will get paid in the next 4-7 business days from the order dispatch date.

You are the one who decides your products’ price and we take only a smaller amount of fee on all successful orders that you place.

Payment Image


Settled Amount

Settled amount credited in the bank account in 4-7 business days after dispatch

Orderd Item’s Value

The Selling price with Shipping charges paid by the customer excluding discounts provided by the Seller

Marketplace Fee

It only includes shipping fees

Commission Fee

We don’t take any Commission Fee on orders.

Shipping Fee

We calculate the Shipping Fee based on product’s weight & shipping location.

Fixed fee

We don’t take any Fixed Fee on orders.

Let’s take an example that simplifies the given calculation:

  • ITEM


  • Selling Price (As per your norms)


  • Commission Fees


  • (For Local Shipping, with 500 grams Weight)


  • Collection Fees


  • Fixed Fees


  • Total Marketplace Fees


  • Total deductions


  • Settlement Value (Amount credited to you)


Shipping Fees

To make sure ease selling as well as provide the best customer’s experience, we consent delivery to the customers through our logistic partners as well as subtract the shipping charges from selling price prior to making the payments to you.

Shipping fees are calculated as per the volumetric weight or actual weightiness, whichever is greater. It is for the account of items that are lightweight however, occupy more shipping space.

You can calculate the Volumetric weight like this:

"Volumetric Weight (in kgs) = L*B*H (Length X Breadth X Height)/5000, the LBH will be in cm"

Local (Intracity): The item will be shipped within the city.

Zonal (Intrazone): The item will be shipped inside the border of any particular zone (East, West, North, South)

National (Interzone): The item will be shipped across the zones.

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