Two wheeler Batteries

Quick Overview

Exide Electrica, a valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery, is a starved electrolyte AGM (Absorbent Glassmat) type battery. It has a safety valve which prevents excessive, build-up of gas pressure inside the battery. VRLA batteries rely upon internal gas recombination to minimize electrolyte loss over the life of the battery, thereby eliminating the need for re-watering.
Features of Exide Electrica Range of Batteries,

Specially designed for deep cycling application, i.e. capable of delivering in excess of 300 deep cycles @ 100% DOD at 2 hr rate,
Higher power weight ratio, i.e. approx. 20-25% higher power availability at 15 min-3 hr. rate of discharge,
Excellent charge acceptance as well as recovery from deep discharge,
Leak resistant double sealed terminal design,
Non-spillable, and therefore can be installed in any position. However, upside-down installation is not recommended
Ultra Premium Vent Valve Assembly, Effective and repeatable valve operation that works within a narrow pressure band (Opening and closing),
Rugged and vibration-resistant,
Special grade of electrolyte based on high purity sulphuric acid and de-ionized water increases battery shelf life,
Effective gas recombination technology eliminates the need to add water,
Leak resistant design with flame retardant materials,
Proprietary technology, suitable for use under all climatic conditions,

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