Quick Overview

Why Roger CUSHPORT Seat Cover (Benefits):
• Provides Lumber Support: It gives support to your back so that spinal column receives fewer burdens and overall it reduces tiredness and fatigue of travelling.

• Comes with Side Support: CUSHPORT Seat Cover provides support to hold the arms. It also gives support and grasp to arms and body to maintain stability while taking sharp turns.

• Soft Suede Fabric: Due to soft suede material it gives proper air circulation beneath back, which helps in reduces sweat.

• Adjustable Headrest: Headrest is integral with the CUSHPORT seat cover so it will give support to the neck and reduces fatigue of the journey.

• Universal Seat Cover: CUSHPORT seat covers are of universal size, so you can use it easily in any of your cars.

• Easy to Fit: It is very easy to install, you can do it yourself easily.

• Washable: CUSHPORT seat covers are made of washable material so, if anything spills on it or get dirty after long use, you can wash it and reuse it easily.

• Warrantee on Stitches: Roger gives you one year Warrantee on its stitches.

• Sporty Design: With its sporty looks, interior of the car looks more attractive with CUSHPORT seat covers.

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