Quick Overview


Tyre Air Compressor pump :

MINI AIRCOMP RM150TP is a very useful and handy digital automatic car tyre inflator & Air Compressor pump, specially designed to help you in the emergency situations as well as for regular tyre pressure maintenance.

Why MINI AIRCOMP (Benefits):

•Digital Gauge: MINI AIRCOMP comes with digital gauge. So it shows digital figure in a gauge, which is one of the best features of this product and it is 100% accurately calibrated.

•Useful in puncture: If there is a puncture in your car tyre, you just inflate it with MINI AIRCOMP and you can easily drive for next 50-60 kilometres, where you can find tyre maintenance shop.

•For regular tyre pressure maintenance: Not only in the emergency situations, but this product is helpful for regular day to day tyre pressure maintenance

•Accurate Tyre Pressure: The air pressure gauge available at petrol pumps and at roadside puncture shops are most of the times found not calibrated properly, so you will never get an accurate results out of it. Thus, it is advisable to keep this product handy, so that it will help in inflating tyre as well as it will help in showing you the correct result of tyre pressure. This gauge required to calibrate only after used for 5000 times.

•Sturdy and Compact Design: This is a very sturdy device, so it does not damage, if it falls down or get pressed between the luggage. Moreover, due to its compact design, it can be easily kept in the car’s trunk, without blocking any extra space.

•Multipurpose: You can use this product for inflating Motorbike tyre, cycle tyre as well as inflating football etc., Special attachments are supplied with this product, which can be used for different purposes.

•Long Life & Zero Maintenance: A piston used in this product is a ceramic coated piston, so its life is long and you can use this product consistently for a long time without maintenance.

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