CARSTER (Polyclean Brush With shampoo)

Quick Overview

Microfiber Polyclean Duster:

"First impression is the last impression” and the very first impression comes from the exterior of your car, but just imagine yourself coming out of a shabby, dusty, and unclean car!!

To avoid such situation, Roger presents, Microfiber Polyclean Duster, which is meant for regular cleaning, polishing and keeps your car body fresh and new like Ex-showroomcondition, anywhere and anytime and the most important, you can do it yourself in just 3-4 minutes without getting a dirty spot even on your Armani suite (of course, if you have one)

Why Microfiber Polyclean Duster:

A dirt free & clean car is a sign of careful care of your car and says a lot about one’s personality. A glittering and clean car is a status symbol in this progressive world. Whether you are driving a Mercedes or Maruti, it matters most that which car is more clean for the onlookers. Thus, keeping the car exterior clean is as important as your own personality.

• Microfiber Polyclean Duster is an international quality cleaning tool utilize for cleaning the car exterior within minutes and simultaneously polishing it too.

• It saves water by reducing vehicle washing frequency.

• Microfiber Polyclean Duster applied plush microfiber strands gently lift and trap dust and pollen from your vehicle. This doesn't just move dust, but it removes it.

• It will give your car that "Just Washed" looks in no time. This product is completely safe for use on all auto finishes.

• With Microfiber Polyclean Duster, wind screen glass can be easily cleaned without any scratches on it.

• Microfiber Polyclean Duster cleans the dust and polishes the body paint also due to its poly coated threads which are coated with dry wax.

• It is washable and re-usable for years.

• It is light in weight so that anybody can clean the car with ease.

• Roger brings you this cleaning duster in very exciting prizes.

How It Works:

• It has a long plastic handle for cleaning the vehicle top easily

• It is made from specially treated cotton strands which will lift the dust, without scratching the paint.

• It has poly coated threads which are coated with dry wax that polishes the body

• Poly clean microfiber generates positive ions, as a result of which lesser amount of dust is attracted by the car.

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