NAPSTER (Nap Sensor Beep)

Quick Overview


Nap Sensor Beep:

Roger NAPSTER is a unique wireless device that has been developed to primarily safeguard vehicle drivers from falling asleep behind the steering wheel. According to reports dozing off at the steering wheel causes numerous injuries and deaths on highways. When you drive fatigued, sleep comes beyond your control. Before you can wake up it can be too late to make driving corrections. Thus, Roger NAPSTER is like a boon for frequent night drivers. This is extremely useful for all-night drives, students as well as security guards and others who have to sit in one place for long periods of time without any stimulating interaction. The newest high-tech way to stay awake is an excellent purchase for you whether you have to drive back home after an exhausting day at work or just need to get something done and sleep is not an option. This trusty NAPSTER will keep you at full alert and is always ready to help if you doze off.

Why Roger NAPSTER (Benefits):

Accidents due to drivers falling asleep at the steering wheel are quite common. Maybe a long and tiring day at the meeting has drained your energy and all you want to do is return home and sleep. Many drivers tend to not pay attention on long stretches of a boring road they know too well and without knowing it they doze off.

•Nap sensor: If you doze off while driving, this sensor will give you an alert with a beep sound or with vibration alert.

•Ear Shape: This device comes in ear shape, so it affixes properly upon your ear and it will not irritate you too.

•ABS Material: This device is made of ABS material, which is very light weight and it is unbreakable.

•Universal Use: This device is apt when you are driving, when you are sitting in meditation, while doing late-night workout, useful for security guards, and also for students who reads till long late hours. You can use it as per your need.

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