Quick Overview

How It Works (Technicality) :

• It’s a Mechanical Suspension Modulator that restores car’s height

• It is made from premium polyether material, which retains its dimensions & characteristics on treacherous Indian roads

• ROGERAB is manufactured with special ‘Stochiometry’ processing conditions, which gives the dual benefit of flexibility and strength

• It is designed according to ‘Castigliano’s’ theorem of spring deflection, which reduces suspension coil spring deflections

• Circumferential re-enforced oval hole design that interfeares to uneven road surfaces

• Due to its concave deep groove design helps in easy fitment & retention

• It is strut compensator which helps in distribution of road jerks

• Its extended linear force, increases landing force of tyres

• ROGERAB is manufactured according to variable coil spring pitches and wire dimensions of Indian cars that helps in customized fit

.ROGERAB translates Uplift,Downward Force and Thrust in symmetrical proportions.

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