Valve Guides

Quick Overview

Our valve guides are made with graded cast iron and with proper specification. They are heat treated for toughness and machined with high precision. Closely maintained inner-outer diameter with highly smooth inner surface and finely grinded outside ensures correct fitment. Non ferrous valve guides made from phosphorus bronze and special alloys are offered as well.
Our expertise has enabled us to manufacture and supply an unsurpassed range of Valve Guides for variegated purposes. These guides are used for petrol, gasoline and diesel engine. Our products are grounded to a surface finish of about 0.80 Micro Ra on the Outer diameter and within a tolerance of about 13 Microns. The Valve Guides that we offer are also provided with thread and spiral in its Inner Diameter. This is required to retain oil for a longer duration of time. Thus, increases in the life of both Valve Guide and the Valve is assured. These guides are manufactured using micro structure of Pearlitic matrix with a 5% maximum free ferrite, 5% maximum free carbides and 10% maximum steadite in cellular or discontinuous form. The Valve Guide has a Hardness of 210-260 range of valve guides. The size range of these guides varies from 1" to 24". The valve guides, that we provide are used for all types of engines that are two wheelers, four wheelers Trucks, Buses, Marine Engine, Earthmoving Engines, Tractors, Generator, Excavation Engines, Industrial Engines, stationary engines. Further, the material of the Valve Guide, which we use depends on the type of Engine and the speed & effort of engine.

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