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Herbalife Nourifusion eye cream is a multivitamin eye cream from the home of Herbalife that moisturizes your delicate skin and provide softness around the eyes. With regular usage, you can get rid of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes which are one of the earliest signs of aging. Due to the modern work style, both men and women spend a lot of the time before the system. Due to long duration of stress ,your eyes gets tired and wrinkles starts appearing around your eyes making you to look very old even before your thirties. This is the perfect and rich emollient eye cream suitable for both men and women. It is safe to use in skin as Herbalife ingredients are made with proper care.

Key Benefits:

Herbalife NouriFusion Eye cream contains antioxidant Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E
It has been created with rich emollient formula which hydrates your skin and provides smoothness to the skin around the eyes without a sticky feel
It repairs your skin damage and replace it with rejuvenated cells
Herbalife NouriFusion Eye cream is safe to use with all other Herbalife skin care products
It has essential vitamins to remove your under eye wrinkles that occurs due to work stress and aging
It provides abundant moisturisation to your eyes without a greasy look and feel
Regular application of cream make your eyes to look more attractive and bright without tiredness


Wash your face with mild warm water or mild cold water
Apply a little amount of Herbalife NouriFusion eye cream around your eyes gently without rubbing it
It can be used morning before make-up and at night
For best and improved results, try using Herbalife NouriFusion Eye gel for the day use and Herbalife NouriFusion Eye cream for the night use
It is safe to use with other Herbalife NouriFusion skin care products

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