Petrol Dispensing Hose

Quick Overview

We provide a range of Rubber Petrol Dispensing Hose, which is manufactured from high quality synthetic rubber and cotton intertwined with electrically bonded wires. The hose is covered by smooth, seamless synthetic rubber, which is resistant to abrasion, petrol and diesel fuel. These are specially designed for usage in dispensing pumps for petrol, diesel and other fuel. Following is the product specification:

Tube : Seamless, smooth and uniform thickness of the tube

Reinforcement : Two plies of cotton fiber yarn with suitable strength

Cover : Synthetic rubber compound

Electricity continuity : One or two electrically bonded wires between braided cotton yarns, throughout the hose length

Temperature range : -20°C to +93°C.

Length : 16 meters or long length

Category: Pipe Fittings