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  • CARONIZER (Air Purifier)

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CARONIZER (Air Purifier)

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Caronizer: The air inside your car can be one of the most unhygienic environments you spend time in as sweat and odors get trapped in the upholstery while the dashboard and the fabric itself releases toxins with a variety of potentially hazardous compounds. Generally, people keep their car sealed when they are driving around. Most people will use their air conditioner during the summer and run the heater during the winter. Therefore, the toxins and hazardous gases and microorganisms are trapped inside the car. If you drive in the city and can travel with your window down you’re likely to have problems with air and noise pollution of the city and on highways the rolled down windows will cause wind cutting noise and will adversely affect fuel average. But driving around in the city for long periods with closed window can lead to tiredness, burning eyes, a sore throat and headaches. This fatigue can even become so bad that it could lead to dangerous lapses of concentration on driving. Why Caronizer (Benefits): The Caronizer is made to remove the health hazardous elements in your car that are caused by shoe dust, cigarette smoke, bad odor, dust, bacteria as well as other elements with the constant low level exposure to exhaust fumes from the road and other pollutants, like toxic off-gassing from car’s interiors, electric systems etc. The carbon monoxide, high levels of positive ions and other pollution from the road often make us drained after driving for any length of time. Thus, Caronizer is the ideal and the best product to keep your car fresh and clean. •Generates biological negative ions in the atmosphere: It removes carbon dioxide, bad odor, dust, smoke, dirt, bacteria etc inside the car and makes the car’s atmosphere clean. •Air cleaning Capacity 200 cubic feet: It can cover the car’s entire inside area easily, so that passengers travelling in the back seat can also enjoy clean atmosphere. •This device generates negative ions against positive ions generated by smoke, air-conditioning, a car’s interior and electrical systems and increases negative ions: Due to increased Negative ions in the car’s atmosphere, driver and passengers in the car will not feel sleepy, burning of eyes, distraction of concentration, fatigue etc. In-short, this devise obviates such situation which creates driving disturbance. •It reduces hazardous gases like methanol, isoprene, acetone, ethanol etc. which generated due to respiration: The Caronizer works effectively, even if the car is packed with passengers. •Working light indicator: There is a light indicator provided to show pure and impure atmosphere (e.g. Light Blue, Red, Green, Dark Blue), which shows the device is working properly. •Anti-allergy device: There are no side effects of using this device. •Compact & Maintenance Free Device: The design of the device is compact so it will not carry much space. This is totally maintenance free product. •Very useful for smokers: If you are a smoker and you drive your car around for a set amount of time, then you will benefit from the use of Caronizer as it dilutes the nicotine smell.

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