Wheat Flour

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We are one of the leading Wheat flour manufacturer, wholesaler, distributer and exporter of Gujarat, INDIA. We are dealing in Wheat flour, Maida, All purpose Flour, Biscuit Flour, Pastry Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Tandoori Atta, Chakki Atta, Chakki fresh Atta, Bread Flour, Soft Flour, Hard Flour , Wheat Bran, Wheat Pellet, Gour Meal and Gour Meal Korma etc. We utilize best type and quality of wheat to make wheat flour. Wheat flour is used daily in most of the states in north as well as western states of India. Wheat flour is used to make rotis, parathas etc. for daily meal. There are various other uses such as in bread and other bakery products as well as in many other recipes in which wheat flour is used as main ingredient. The whole wheat flour is dark brown in color and is used in making rotis and parathas whereas the white wheat flour which is also called as enriched wheat flour is used in bread, cookies, cakes etc. Our Monthly export capacity ranges from 1000MT to 25000MT of wheat flour from our partners various modern production facilities. Our production facilities are strategically located to ensure the fastest and most effective delivery of the products to the client’s main ports. We service to the leading wholesale and retailers, wholesale and retail bakeries, along with both bakery and food service distributors, with a full line of high quality flours. In addition to our domestic sales, as the leading wheat flour exporter, we are currently exporting to more than 49 different countries in Africa, Middle East and Far East Asia. We do believe in excellence in production, quality control, logistics, and customer satisfaction. As the first step of Total Quality Management, Our producer have and do implement an ISO 9001 and HACCP quality and hygiene standards, this makes our products safe to consume. For More detail please contact us.

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