Continuous Bag Sealing Machine

Quick Overview

We manufacture Bag Sealing Machine for our clients which are effectively used for sealing various types of pouches and bags. These machines are clever tabletop models where the products are sealed with the bag lying flat on the conveyor belt.
PSCV 7200
Sealing Width
5/10 mm
Sealing Speed
4 meter / minute
Max Conveyor Load
5 Kg
Conveyor Width
125 mm
Temp. Range
0 - 300° C
M/C Dimension L x W x H (mm)
800 x 380 x 440
50Hz 1Ø - 220V/5A
Appr. Weight
36 Kg
We also manufacture Continuous Pouch Sealing Machine,
Sealer Machine,
Horizontal Continuous Pouch Sealer,
High Volume Bag Sealing Machines.

Category: Machinery