Fire Hose Box & Hose Reel

Quick Overview

We also manufacture double door hose box for our clients having following specification. Double Hose Box: for accommodating 2 No. 15 Mtr Hoses and one nozzle
Material of Construction: M.S. Sheet 16 to 18 SWG / SS 304 sheet 18 SWG/ FRP
Single Hose Box: for accommodating 1 No. 15 Mtr Hose/ 2 Nos. 7.5 Mtr Hoses and one nozzle
Approximate Size: 750mm x 600mm x 250mm (for IS; 636, Type B hoses, the recommended size is 900mm x 600mm x 250 mm)
Item Description: Double Hose Box to accommodate 2 lengths of 15 Mtrs. 63mm Fire Hoses and 1 No. Nozzle with Double Door size 750mm x 600mm x 250mm
(a) 750 x 600 x 250 – For Keeping 02 Nos. Hose Pipe 15 mtrs & 01 No Branch Pipe
Apart from this we also manufacture Hose Reel Drum for our clients.

Category: Self Defense Supplies