Fire Extinguisher

Quick Overview

Our company provides our valuable clients a qualitative range of Dry Powder Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher. It consists of a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel that contains an agent which can be discharged to extinguish fire at any point of time. Our product is suitable for Class B and C Fires containing flammable liquid petroleum products or flammable gases, this extinguisher works efficiently and rapidly on plastics and electrical fires. It is easy to use and is corrosion resistant having long life.
We also manufacture ABC Type Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher,
Squeeze Grip Type CO2 Fire Extinguisher,
Modular Automatic Fire Extinguisher.
Capacity 4 Kg., 6 Kg.& 9 Kg.
Extinguishing Media Dry powder sodium or potassium Bicarbonate
Effective discharge (%) 85-90%
Jet length (Mts.) 4 Mts. For 5Kg./ 6 Mts. For 10 Kg.
Discharge Time (sec.) 20 sec. 5 Kg./ app./ 30 sec. for 10 Kg.
Co2 Gas cartridge (gms) 120 gms. For 5Kg./ 200 gms. For 10 Kg. IS:4947 ISI Marked
Operation method Upright
Type of fire ”B” & “C” Class (Inflammable liquid, Gases, Paints etc.)
Test Hydraulic Test Pressure 30 kgf/cm2 For 2 Minute
Caution Not to be used Wooden , Paper & cotton etc.

Category: Self Defense Supplies