Fire Extinguisher

Quick Overview

Our company is engaged in manufacturing exclusive range of Water Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher. Suitable for the A type of fires that involve materials like paper, cloth, wood, fiber, rubber and plastic. Our fire extinguishers are filled with different chemicals forming carbon dioxide when gets in contact with each other. We provide it at a very reasonable rate. also our product possess qualities like durability, long life and portable. It is very easy to use and maintain. .
Capacity- 6Ltrs & 9 Ltrs
Extinguishing Media- Soft Water
Effective discharge(%) - 10 Sec / 14 Sec
Jet length (Mts.)- Min 95%
Discharge Time (sec.) - 6-8 Mts.
Co2 Gas cartridge (gms) -60 gm up right
Operation method- A Type
Type of fire - IS 15683
Test - ”A” Class (Wood, Paper, cotton etc.)
Caution - Hydraulic Test Pressure 25 kg f/cm2 For 2 Minutes
Not to be used in Electric Fire &Oil Fire.

Category: Self Defense Supplies