Humic Acid 12% w-w

Quick Overview

Humic Acid 12.00% w/w
Emulsifire 04.00 % w/w
Mineral Aqua. q.s 84.00 % w/w
Total 100% w/w

What is STAR contain humic acids which are the end products of the microbial degradation and petrifaction of plant and animal debris and are one of the most important constituents of fertile soils. Kranti is cost effective way to add humus to your soil.

Benefits of : STAR improves yield and quality. Increase the uptake of nutrients. Enhances growth of soil microorganism. Increase drought tolerance. stimulates root development Enhances phosphate utilization of plants. Increases seed vigour. Stimulates plant growth improve the water - handling capacity of the soil Helps to improve the efficacy fertilizers.

Recommended Crops : Paddy, Cotton Vegetables, Fruits Crops, Pulses, Plantation Crops, Dose : 2 to 3 ml. Per. Ltr.

Category: Food Processing