Panipuri Making Machine

Quick Overview

This pani puri making machine is also use for multipurpose also for Farshi Puri, Khichiya papad, Raw chapatti, Raw Khakhara, Farsi Puri, Mathi puri, Shakarpara, chat Papadi, mathri, stick, puri, samosa (a triangular fried pastry containing spiced vegetables or meat.), etc. This is prepared from Maida, Pani Puri (Gol Gappa) Making Machine.

Construction of pani puri making machine

Pani puri making machine consist with 4 numbers coated roll, P.V.C. food grade endless belt, cotton canvass belt for transferring wastage to stainless steel hopper for recycling, complete unit is mounted on mild steel fabricated angle stand and cover with stainless steel sheets. Complete with one die roll with P.V.C. Dies, gear box and 1 H.P. A electric as per our standard supply

Category: Food & Beverage Machinery