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Liquid glucose is originally the mixture of mixture of glucose, maltose and maltodextrin and oligo-saccharides. This is mainly used as sweetener and bonding agent. Its properties are colorless, odorless, viscous sweet syrup. It is used in pharmaceuticals and confectionery industry. This is being manufactured and supplied by our company to our valuable clients all over India. We also provide sorbitol and glycerin.
1. Liquid Glucose
300 Kg
Food & Confectionery(Hard-Boiled Candies,Jams,Jellies), Pharmaceuticals(Cough Syrup), Bakery, Raw Material For Gluconic Acid, Kojic Acid and Citric Acid.
300 Kg
Oral Hygiene Formulations, Cosmetics, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Textile Industry, Paper Industry, Paint Industry
250 Kg
Drugs (Capsules, Suppositories, Ear infection remedies, Anesthetics, Cough remedies, Lozenges, Gargles), Foods and Beverages(Soft drinks, Candies, Cakes), Cosmetics and Toiletries(Toothpaste, Skin creams and lotions,Pre-shaving lotions, Deodorants, Make up, Lipstick, Mascara), Paper and Printing(Grease proof paper, Food wrappers, Printing ink), Textiles.

Category: Mineral & Metals Agents