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Cumin seeds are mainly known for its medicinal purpose in india as well as many other countries. India is the largest producer and consumer of Cumin in the world. Global output of cumin seed is estimated to be less than 300,000 ton per year with bulk of the output concentrated in Asian countries. seasonal nature of the crop and fluctuations in global demand and supply also influences the price in the country. We export cumin in a large quantity at a very reasonable rate without delay in time. Our exports of cumin mainly to the US, UK, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and many other countries.
Type : Machine cleaned / Sortexed/Extra Bold.
Purity : 99% / 98% / 99.50% (Singapore/Europe).
Total ASH Acid insuluble ASH : 1.75% Max.
Flavor : Aromatic with a penetrating flavor.
Moisture : 10% max.
Salmonella : Absent/25 gms.
Volatile oil : Min 2.00 ml/100 gms

Category: Agriculture Products