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India is one of the main exporter of RAW CASHEW NUTS in the whole world. It exports almost more than 65% of the total world. Our company feels proud to be a part of such large integrity. We offer different grades of cashew using the most proper and accurate sourcing approaches. Besides quality, the pricing structure and packaging keep us ahead of other entities in the domain.
Product Name: Raw Cashew Nut.
Country of Origin: India, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Ivory Coast
Quantity: 100 - 300 per Month.
Quality: 100%.
Max Defective Nuts: 0.04.
Max Moisture: 8 -10%.
Max Foreign Matter: 0.02.
Nut Count: 160 - 200 per Kg.
KOR: 43-49.
Crop Year: 2013.
Cleanliness: 100%.
Packing: 80Kg and 100 Kg Jute Bags.

Category: Agriculture Products