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Manufacturer, Trading Company :Masterkey Online
Manufacturer, Trading Company :Masterkey Online
Aahaan Overseas

Aahaan Overseas

Manufacturer, Trading Company , Packaging & Paper Industry

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Vishal Shah(Aahaan Overseas)

Vishal Shah

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Aahaan Overseas has been serving Indian market as well as exporting Aluminum products in some of the world's largest and most conscious markets. Company is providing Aluminum products range of 7 micros to 500 microns for any usage.....1) Blister vmch Coated Foil = 0.020 & 0.025 Micron (with 4 to 8 GSM) vmch coating as per client 's requirement.2) Poly Laminated Pharma Foil = 0.030 & 0.040 Micron Poly Laminated Foil3) Aluminum Closure Stock = 0.150 to 0.230 Microns for Bottle Caps. 4) House Foil = 9,11,12,14,18 Microns in Jumbo and Small rolls for specific customized packing in any size, weight and length as per your retail requirements.5) Tagger Foil ( Container Foil) = 50 to 100 Micron Aluminum foil for Aluminum food containers. Available plain and Printed (any color/lacquer coated). 6) Cigarette Foil = Aluminum Foil with Paper ( Available in any color & embossed)7) Light Gauge Foil = 7, 8, 9 and 12 Microns in Any available jumbo and slitted width for Flexible packaging Applications.8) Medium Gauge Foil = 15 to 50 micron9) Heavy Guage Foil = 60 to 200 micron10 ) Fins Stock Foil = 100 to 130 micron, FINSTOCK for various industries ie. Air Conditioners, Heat exchangers, Car radiators..etc with following general specification.11) Aluminum Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets = Cold rolled coils & Sheets for commercial and general engineering applications.12) Lidding Foil = Plain and printed 30 to 38 and 40 microns. LIDDING FOIL suitable for sealing to PS (Polystyrene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PP (Polypropylene) PET (Polyethyleneterphthalate) , PE (Polyethylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) jars/cups/tubs.13) Tread Plated = Trade Plate is ideal for use in a number of flooring allocations, especially for bus, truck and rail coaches, loading bays, kick plates, stair treads and catwalks. The aluminum Tread plates are resistant to corrosion14) Pattern Sheets = Pattern sheets available in two designs Diamonds and Five bar for decorative applications and interior panelling for trucks, cabins, etc.Our ultimate commitment to consistently provide our customers with world quality products. We have expertise in handling Aluminum Foil & Packaging solutions. Aahaan Overseas assures our customers of high quality of our products & timely services For further detail you can also check our website

Products Selling / Range or Services

  • 0.020 & 0.025 Blister vmch coated Foil
  • 0.030 & 0.040 Poly Laminated Foil
  • Closure Stock for PPCaps
  • House Foil (Food packing)
  • Cigarette Foil
  • Light-Medium-Heavy gauge foil
  • Tagger Foil (Container Foil)
  • Fins Stock foil for AC
  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Lidding foil
  • Cables wrap
  • Cold Rolled Coils
  • Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Traead Plates
  • Pattern Sheet
  • Foil for Insulation
  • Foil Stock
  • Spiral Fin Stock
  • Flexible Packaging Solutions
  • Aluminum Foil (Packaging & Paper)


Contact Person
Vishal Shah
Ahmedabad 380015


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